Personal Computer VS COVID-19

Gartner and IDC reports released Thursday show shipments of desktop computers, laptops and workstations grew in the second quarter.

  • Gartner determines that PC shipments worldwide climbed at 2.8 percent
  • IDC shows PC shipments worldwide jumped 11.2 percent to 72 million units
  • HP and Lenovo ranked as the two two PC makers globally

From here, we can identify that some of the main reasons behind the increase of computer sales came from the “Home Based Learning” which had forced schools to provide necessary tools for their students to learn from home. These, had given advantage to both students and teachers where one can better adapt to computer as a tool for delivering and receiving knowledge with a better understanding communication weaknesses and deliverance for for both teachers and students. Another advantage is, it is as a preparing and testing period and platform to identify which one works and which one doesn’t for the future education system using technology in the plane where distance learning and remote work have already begun in some universities and big corporations. Remote working environment has also contribute to the rise of computer sales. These events, though it’s a win to computer makers standpoint where firms in the internet industry hires labor to produce and for transportation services to help consumers access online retailers which has to be taken into cost consideration.

And, to a global standpoint it has multiple advantages and setbacks, some of which probably would solve some of the major issues where the increase of people and the costs to provide is taken from the future scenario. We can see that from the COVID-19 itself that countries could not cope with the costs to provide only won in some areas which comes to a question of how long will it last if it has not been done earlier to counter measure the issues. According to the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs that has been retrieved, global growth of population worldwide is around 83 million annually. Scientists and experts around the world are working very hard tapping into the new cutting edge high speed computing into getting the answers and we need it fast. Especially to the third world countries and countries which is in the rose of economy. This reminds us to what Bill Gates had mentioned that We’re still not ready for the next and future pandemic.

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