Search Engine Optimization vs SEO Searchable

There are a lot of misconception on SEO and searchability in the world of information technology. Everyday we read about articles and promotion by many on SEO experts. Search Engine is a Search Engine, The difference is search-able: consists of data that is already searchable on the network such as on Facebook, Google Business, Yahoo, Bing and more search engines around the globe, and data, is the data that has been input by users on the network such as contents writeup, images, profiles on their own platform hosting or social media or community platforms of such, and has been input or logged or submitted to search engine’s crawlers to be crawled daily, weekly which until this you know it changes overtime which upgraded + or downgraded – by the Search Engine Ai (Artificial Intelligence which also changes overtime according to the supervised attended or unattended servers by search engines’ providers). So from these, we know that the costs of so called SEO services varies from the intention or purpose of the business or a platform or website owner of what they want to be achieved. These only going to searchability of a website or Web platform where it is different from Search Engine Optimization which is more organic, what does it mean by organic? Organic again refers to content/s on the Web or Web platforms set up by the owners or we can call here business owners or for a personal use which is searchable where crawled only gets your links or addresses notified that it exists on the network not guaranteed to be searchable again if the contents are of no quality or low contents and low quality Web markup which competes with million other websites or blogs or Web platforms globally. All these information, we have not gone through keywords visibility and “expensivility” or “costs to location wise” which makes Search Engine Optimization Expertise more complicated. That does not include thousands of social platforms which makes the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and ONLINE BRANDING more expansive and complicated. So the next time you are engaging a SEO expert, ask them. Or if they are offering the service, make sure they understand well before mark up quotes based on bubbles and air trends as posting on Google Ads and Facebook Ads would be best if you just want exposure for your business website.

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