K ~ Koala

P ~ Platform

C ~ Creative

HOST ~ We host about almost everything online, products sale, mobile app, website, cloud apps, computer services, server software update security patch services, email, downloadable material such as ebooks and expert advisors scripts, learning, sound, podcasts, videos, forms for our customers, discount coupons and cards and big data, ebooks, IT latest updates from around the world.

Achievement and Thank You To All Customers and Supporters, we will not be able to achieve this if it’s not for you.




What can we do for you?

Mobile and Web App

Website Design and domain and email Hosting. You have to have a website somewhere. Some example

SkyTutor Website Design English and Mandarin and Email including hosting
LS Renovation Website Design English and Mandarin and Email including hosting

Web design and hosting

Incorporating creative design with advanced programming and common sense creates an effective Internet presence that will reflect your business’ goals and objectives without exceeding your budget.

Online Business Marketing

We improve how Internet Search Engines read and rank your website, to have a better chance of getting on that critical beginning page of search results and drive qualified traffic to your website.

Product and Business Video for promotion, marketing and social media. The media is a powerful marketing tool to convey your brand and services.

It Management Services

We offer a broad range of IT services. Outsourcing makes the most sense for your organization to grow. For many organizations, we can host and manage your entire IT infrastructure for reasonable fee. We call this Total IT Management.

Computer LAN/WAN

Server, Desktop and Computer Peripherals Sales, Repair and Maintenance

CCTV, Door Lock, Thumb Print, Face Recognition

Installation Work
Installation Work

Product Branding and Design.

Some Projects

Raid Server and computer LAN setup for 40 desktops and wifi. Website.

Pakatan Ukur Bahan SB

Product Re-design and re-branding. Website with GIS for distributor tracking.

Isralife / DB Beauty SB

Computer supply and maintenance, Computer LAN setup and Computer Network maintenance, desktop computer.

Wira Security and Services SB

Website, Marketing and Promotion

Iskandar MCCI

Websites designed and hosted for hundreds of small businesses and pre-schools

For 100++ small businesses and pre-schools

Brand Awareness and Promotion

Girl Guide and Earth Hour


Narwhall Unicorn markets 1 Million Latest Prime Products Everyday.

~ Azril Amir

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