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APC 120V Smart Power Backup Rackmount

Even a wind turbine get whacked in 235kmh wind so you won’t know when you will need extra power backup for your small computer network or anything that is needed to be powered 24/7 so to speak, this universal supply power unit has a 120V power output and can be rack mounted, this APC by Schneider Electric is a must buy. Why do you need this 2200VA piece of equipment? Let’s put at this scenario, if a UPS of a 1000VA that’s rated at 525 watts and has a power factor of 0.7 results in a 750 VA load. Sizing the UPS to OPERATE probably around 75 percent capacity results in a UPS with a 1000 VA rating (750 VA / 0.75 = 1000 VA) so you need to double that for a decent supply for your Computer to run for another 1 and a half hour while you save all your data or if you have setup for an automated backup, it is sufficient for a minimal backup to be automated for a PC.

900W Triplite Rackmount / Tower

120V APC SMX750 Power Backup

120V Maruson TUV Certified