Web Design

How We at KPC HOST determines the price of a website in general. Though there are some details and other complicated work which requires technical experts like us to work on thus requires more costs added up to quote our price for a web design and web development for your business. In general pricing benchmark are as below:

Until now, we have helped a gazillion small business owners to set up their websites in range of Category 1 and 2 so it suits your budget as a small business, but if you need to design everything, we suggest that you go with the last category price quote in general. Call Us, we are happy to help.

Mobile App Development

Native iOS and Android app

File Storage & Bandwidth

Staff Accounts

Live Chat

QR code Bar code

Face ID Touch ID

Native Checkout

ECommerce/Shopping Cart

Payment Gateway


Manual Order

Push Notification

Controls and Functions

Digital Card or ID


Booking and Invoicing

Web Application

Human Resource

Project Management


Food and Beverages

Ordering System

Document Management


Social Media Engagement



Social Media Engagement

Software, System or Some help in coding for your business need, such as data entry automation and more.

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